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CATCHING UP…(and practice)
May 22, 2010, 11:30 am
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I have been waiting to post the following posts. Since Homeworks V, ideas have been building up and thoughts lingering. I could choose to let go, because, these thoughts or these writings might not be very crucial now, or because to articulate them demands work and time and well, the moment has passed and there are no deadlines, and probably no readers .                                                                                                                        “If you do let go (on things you wanted to do, or write, or think about) then they were not that important and if they were and you chose to ignore them, they might come back into other more haunting forms”. Yes, possibly. But I also think that the urgency is felt if the configuration allows for it. Practice becomes everything within that configuration since it renders visible what was there, somewhere and that you ended up finally locating. I am still debating, however:  Do things happen because you work for them to happen or do they just happen? What is the role of the practice for a writer, and what is the relation between practice and urgency?

I will therefore post some of the writings that have been awaiting on my desktop folder (“writings”). One of them is a first experience on writing during a live performance, another is linked to a workshop I took part in  on the archive with the group pad.ma.

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