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Belated report
June 28, 2009, 1:56 pm
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Shortly following e-flux’s automatic reply, I received an answer from Brian Kuan Wood a while ag0 (12 of December 2009 !). I am not going to elaborate on my belated posting.  I got t meet him recently in Venice, very nice person it seems. Here is his answer.

Dear Mirene,

Thanks very much for your email.

My best explanation for the distance between our last editorial and the bombings in Gaza
can only be that it did not set out to deal with them directly. This un-mention of Gaza was not a conscious omission, but was a result of our having written on another topic.
In general, our intention with the editorial introduction is not necessarily to address political issues as such, but to place certain dynamics into perspective, usually with some relation to topics addressed in the current issue of the journal.
But perhaps this approach is not close enough for you to the urgent political matters that need to be addressed. I would agree that it is important to always question this distance, and I would be interested in knowing more of your thoughts, how you might propose that art take an approach with a closer proximity to political events.

Thanks again, and with best wishes,

Brian Kuan Wood