I do want to do something.

January 5, 2009, 10:15 pm
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I was surprised by Katy’s email letter addressed to the Danish Minister of Foreign Affairs, denouncing the Danish position in the actual Gaza conflict. She told me that she had previously sent a letter during the Israeli war on Lebanon in 2006, and received and answer 5 min later by the Minister’s secretary. While she was writing her mail (asking me how to spell “appel” in Danish), I was depressingly and disgustingly browsing through all the news websites reporting the Gaza massacre, thinking about what could be done and from what perspective. Working in an art association, this question became all the more disturbing and a bit ridiculous. But, it was still there.

In my mail, a link to the e-flux on line journal. It might have been the whole situation, but the editorial got on my nerves, so while Katy was writing to the government, I wrote to the e-flux contact address

“I know it is probably not the role of an art journal to discuss the news, and I am thinking here particularly of Gaza. Reading the editorial, however, the absence of the war on Gaza stroke me, and probably not inasmuch as it was not mentioned at all, but because it was not mentioned in relation to what I was reading. ” Beyond the issue of governance, these circumstances beg the deeper question of the potential for simply inhabiting existing spaces, for properly addressing important questions that have already been asked before seeking the questions of the future” “How then do we begin to use or inhabit these possibilities?”. etc

The aim here is not to oppose, once again, speculation, deferral, layered temporalities and what not, to urgent political matters, but to question the nature of these very speculations and artistic reflections. How far are they from what is happening right now?

The question here is not about the role, impact and position art can have in relation to these issues, but for the least, question its distance from it.”
For the moment, I got an E-flux automatic reply wishing me the best for 2009, I don’t think Katy got her reply yet.