I do want to do something.

I have to think about it
December 28, 2008, 4:24 pm
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C. “don’t think about it to much”.

As things move on, at a pace that does not really allow any clear understanding of where we are heading and how , the dialectic between what has been done /is still in the doing, and the questioning of these actions or projects questioning their very projection, is not that clear in fact. When are we thinking and how do we think about what we do ? When does it become clear, a name becomes an action, and finally, you’ve got something, or you found something, you are into something .

M. “that’s because she hasn’t found anything yet

Is there a way to get there that is more efficient than another, or does it take a long long detour to finally have that feeling of precarious lover’s communion between you and the world. Some would say that there is no separation anyways, that there is no distance.

Navigating all this can then become a process of stripping off all that has been added and getting to reactivate what has, in a way, always been there, the child perhaps.

The thinking, maybe paradoxically, has to be effected in that sense, working the way to something vital, a pulsating beat. (the heartbeat of contingency). Listening then may be more appropriate.

Not to fall again, withing the classical binary of thoughts and emotions, I’d rather see that process as a choreography, writing, undoing, shaking and dancing. ( “an unrehearsed pas de deux” as S. would say? ).

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well… thinking can also be a form of luxury

Comment by c

mon âme rejoint progressivement mon corps
au fur et a mesure
que je le plonge dans un bain chaud

Comment by f

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