I do want to do something.

Bottle message from a friend
April 11, 2008, 8:01 pm
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Ahla w sahla

Comment by Cristobal

alors Beirut est aussi devenu le centre du monde..

Comment by emmanuel

(where can we meet again?) Here is the center of the world. Not quite sure where is here. this sentence comes back, “attuned to the heartbeat of contingency” (Kosofsky Segdwick). or is it that voice on Marwa’s computer that says every fifteen minutes, what times it is. she saves us and she kills us that bitch. The colored time line that I am doing to see the next couple of months. the center of the world will be green tomorrow.
the center of the world happens when it is really great. there is nothing else because so many things seem to be working together, in one big whole . I don’t think that there are any ghosts there.they might come back eventually, to shake your/my epicenter.then maybe we can meet and ghost dance.

Comment by Mirene

il me semble qu’une bise placee sur sa joue y resterait pour toujours

Comment by g

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