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Bottle message from a friend
April 11, 2008, 8:01 pm
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setting the measure: from private toilet’s to art installations
April 2, 2008, 5:43 pm
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Maybe this is too big of a title for I want to say…

I am presently following the installation of some works for the upcoming forum in Beirut, Homeworks (www.ashkalalwan.org).

On of the works on show is a new sculptural installation that we are actually building on site. We had to take a choice today regarding the entrance passage of the work. We were hesitating between 50 cm and 60 cm . 50 would have looked better in relation to the work. Then we stared thinking about fat people and thought 50 was discriminatory. But what was partly  determinant in conceiving the lenght of the passage is the fact, the builder said, that for toilets in private home, the minimum requested in 58 cm (and this is if you play around with some law regulations). We opted for 60cm.

I don’t want to associate the entrance to these two spaces, (although some art do have this appeal!), but I am interested in thinking the dichotomies between what is considered “private” and “public”, what laws regulate these distinctions, what politics.