I do want to do something.

Breathless thoughts
January 10, 2008, 4:59 pm
Filed under: London notes


5 pounds a day, a lova in Stockwell, two on a bike at night while it’s raining and I can feel his legs rubbing against my legs and then in the morning he kisses me and I wait to hear if he dropped the key thinking I must get out of here. I have to arrange time. I’m looking for it so bad, I want this connection and I can’t find it. Everything is possible. Everything must happen she said. Can’t aim for the everything. Have to find a diary. Looking for landmarks in the desert and thinking about essence. Wish I could hold on to , or just let go. I enter new roads and on the bus’ window, reflections of trees in thick skies, with no leaves left. I end up buying a moleskine and maybe we’ll meet in New York.