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Chasing Ghosts
November 11, 2007, 10:51 am
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In “Rumor Has it” another american romantic comedy with Jennifer Anniston, playing, as always, the bourgeois not quite bourgeois nice American girl, a bit funny, not quite a sex symbol but nettle sexy, there is one scene. Jennifer Aniston wants to know “who” she is since she can’t identify with her family’s life style. She researches her defunct mother’s history and discovers that before getting married, her mother had a fling with X (Kevin Costner) one week before her marriage. Aniston suspects X to be her father. She finds him and discovers that he is not her father but a charming man with whom, this time; she ends up having a fling (which puts her own fiancialle in danger). I am coming to the scene. After having decided to break away from X, X comes back to look for her. They start discussing what ties them; Anniston’s mother. X remembers how she walked away from him to marry Anniston’s dad and Anniston realizes that her search of who she is has been a search for her mother. Both end up concluding that they had been “chasing ghosts”, which leads them back to their respective regular relationships, which are, of course, not ghostly because based on their marriage commitments and their engagement towards their partners. The ghost against marriage. ( 0/ 1 and probably a cheer leader team celebrating…).

The reason why I have not started chasing ghosts is because I know that once I will start, the ghost won’t leave me. Rather, even if I think I have not started, the ghost is there, more present then ever. It is a matter of recognizing it and walking along with it. The film’s final scene is not very ghostly, or probably it is. The marriage scene where Anniston celebrates her “return” to her former partner. That’s what kept haunting me.

And that’s where I see the choices not depending on the dichotomy between marriage or not, the ghost or not (to be or nor to be). The ghost is always already there.Sometimes it hurts, sometimes less. I don’t think it ever scores.(0/0)

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