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On black polished shoes
October 22, 2007, 6:39 pm
Filed under: love stories

In my attempts to understand my last relationship, I’m back to my previous previous one, trying to bridge some bits and pieces; what I took and what I left-and economy of the self-what remains and how it remains. The point is not about the love that is gone, it is about how I relate to the distance that it left. I see it now as a particular distance, not only the one between ex-partners, but one that is radical in a perceptive shift, an aesthetic one (this would need more investigation and discussion. To come…), of the way life is looked at.  I told him love was a social thing, he started talking about personalities. Not only, would I say, also black polished shoes.

In one interview I had with the artist Lina Saneh about the private and the public sphere in Lebanon, she mentioned “love”: “Love: how do we love, who do we love, what are we looking for in love, what do we expect from love and how do we handle it, etc…All this also depends, among other things, on ideologies, often dominating and belligerent ideologies. How to talk about love in Lebanon, for example.” Today, now, I think I have abandoned a certain “love” (the one you wanted me to hold on to, “because all men are selfish”, you said). I am looking at/for another one. Not more “real” and more “sincere”, but another construction, another aesthetic (hoping that there is something else).

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i am looking for another man …

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