I do want to do something.

Kool Thing (for Kat as well)
September 25, 2007, 2:45 pm
Filed under: Learn me how to read

Before-, and I will start like this even if I do not wish to foster clear distinctions, but it helps me think the process and identify it with a moment- reading made me breathless. Not because I would not find interesting what I was reading but more because I didn’t know how to relate to what I was reading; there was me and knowledge. Knowledge was big and powerful, it was also what could give me power. I wanted power from knowledge, to posses something that could not be possessed precisely because I saw it as possession. Two actors, me and knowledge, with no characters, no action because of the tantalizing and always already lost battle against the weight of all the books that I could never read and all the names that I will never know. Now that I can think this knowledge, I see it as a man, most probably white and European (is that you?). And, Knowledge, even if “your are not going to liberate us girls  from male white corporate oppression” “we can still be friends” (Kool Thing). So friends mean that you are there, but not fucking me anymore. Friends mean that I can now look at you, and that you changed somehow, and that I can say you ( pas vous). So, now that we are friends, many more things can happen, we can fight and have fun together, and try to do something. Now that we are friends, I can see more clearly where I stand and start listening to me, on and with you.

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thank you for letting the sun shine through the clouds even on a rainy day in london. you made me remember what the last year has brought with it.

friend, let’s begin the ghost dance

Comment by sidsel

yes, let’s ghost dance (in panda??)

Comment by mirene

in panda, even better

Comment by sidsel

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